Daniel Baker

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Daniel Baker has been recording militantly lo-fi, home brewed experiments in voice and sound for a decade.

He has independently released "music" under his own name and under a variety of pseudonyms including Ship Canal, The Volk Han and Austerity Britain through his Hand Loom Lament label since 2010.

He formed 1/3 of the noise/dub collective Ex Servicemen and has also released music on 19F3, Herhalen and Amoeba Industries, sharing stages with the likes of Philip Jeck, Helm, Machine Woman and Bruce Gilbert.

He has produced remixes for Kleft and Kemper Norton and collaborated with Dolly Dolly, as well as previously broadcasting the Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour on Subcity Radio.

He has written about music, culture and politics for The Quietus, Rock A Rolla and Crack Magazine, as well as at his Devil, Can You Hear Me? blog between 2007-2011.

His sound/voice and written work can be found at Handloomlament.