Golden is My Name


Dom and Nik

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Dominique Golden is an artist who works with spoken word, sound art and is a member of COMA LONDON orchestra in which she composes improvisational scores.

Her subject matter ranges across witchcraft, family, sexuality and science fiction.

She also runs Pearl Home Records which is a sound art label/ art music label.

Nik Clifford is a vinyl enthusiast. He runs a home spun record label, Pearl Home Records, that releases sound art and art music.


He has upcycled a 1959 record lathe to produce limited Vinyl editions.

Pearl Home Records also hosts live performances and projects at schools, museums, festivals and galleries.

Golden is my name is the radio show of Pearl Home Records, which is a DIY vinyl record shop releasing sound art, synthesiser special interest tracks and poetry. Dom and Nik present a mixed bag of spontaneous, comedy rock and pop loving commentary. Each week they focus on a theme and curate a soundtrack of absurdist connections. They experiment with the medium of radio and deconstruct familiar nodes of radio broadcast such as interviews, quizzes, and live music sessions. It’s artistic, surreal, random, chaotic, brilliant, and actually rather difficult to explain in full… best you listen and hear for yourself! 


Jonny Mugwump says "Golden is my name is about the funniest and most anarchic show on any radio station anywhere. It is a home invasion by another home albeit a very gentle, warm one. It is what radio should be but just bizarrely isn't. Ever."