Helena Celle


From Helena's Patreon page:

If you are here then perhaps you are aware of my past work as Helena Celle, or my releases on labels such as Night School Records, La Vida Es Un Mus, or Kit Records. I am hoping to do something a bit different going forward, primarily due to shifting circumstances from the COVID pandemic.

My intention is to present original recorded music in a longform broadcast format, as opposed to traditional methods of presentation utilised by services such as Bandcamp or Spotify. I will make available at least one hour of original material per month, quite possibly more. I will also provide patrons with digital copies of any future traditional format releases. Patrons will also have access to an RSS feed that will update automatically via podcast client software.

I have provided for myself as an audio engineer for the past decade, working primarily in venues and with voice actors. Such avenues are untenable in the present climate, so I am hopeful that the support of patrons will assist me while I retrain toward a new career. It is possible that with sufficient interest, I will make available to patrons not only audio recordings, but also visual artwork and writing.

Thank you for your interest, it is very much appreciated. 


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