Karen Vogt


Karen Vogt is known for her ethereal, shimmering vocals with Paris based Australian dream-pop band Heligoland who’ve worked closely for the past decade with producer Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins).  In 2019 she released indietronica EP “Before we rise” with German experimental artist Philipp Bückle and her vocals appeared on American artist Akira Rabelais’ album “cxvi”. Her newly formed ambient experimental duo Madame Rêve played shows in 2019 and will release an album later in 2020. She has a bunch of collaborations, guest vocal and solo projects in the works.

For an hour she’ll create a dreamscape through improvising with voice, guitars, samplers, loops and effects. She has absolutely no idea what she will play each time, but hopes it will be lovely and will transport us all to a distant place. So tuck yourselves in and close your eyes. Sweet dreams to all.