Landfill Elektronikz.jpeg

After 10 years of relentlessly releasing across various formats and labels (mainly as Ekoplekz), this year Nick Edwards has decided to release nothing at all! Instead he is shifting to internet radio, with a monthly one-hour presentation of exclusive material for The Neon Hospice throughout  2021.


Nick is a prolific artist, but in a digital economy of massive over-supply, it seemed a bit pointless to keep releasing music through the normal channels.

Electronic music is so prevalent across soundcloud, YouTube, bandcamp etc that, regardless of merit, it’s pretty much all landfill, a brief moment of interest before moving on to the next link in your never ending media feed. Hence ‘Landfill Elektronikz’, Nick’s self-depreciating attempt to answer that problem. 


The radio format offers a fresh perspective on Nick’s work, and letting go of old obsessions with the formats of an outdated physical business model has been very freeing and even revelatory for him. 


The show is a one hour presentation of new, exclusive material on the last weekend of each month at 9pm GMT. 


Twitter: @landfilltronikz

Insta: landfilltronikz