Aldi Snatcher presents...


Aldi Snatcher (Charles Swain) plucks a worn paperback from the shelf and places it before you. It’s cover is a bright psychedelic splash and it’s corners are worn and dog eared.

He Instructs you to to turn to page 303 and you start thumbing through the pages . As you pass pictures of Detroit tower blocks - resplendent in there fresh utopia and marbled elevator lobbies - the radio by your elbow fizzes to life and washes you with aquatic fibrillations and the calls of strange bird calls. Browsing further you scan text describing ancient rituals conducted on empty heath land on the edges of the M25, a new type of amphetamine delivered by coral shell and intelligent marine life existing below the streets of Rotterdam, Frankfurt, and Den Hague.

The vid-screen inset into the table flickers on and parses through fast moving lines of strange neon green characters . You finally reach page 303; it’s a picture of a room very like the one you are sitting in. Rugs are spread across the teac wood floors, a large back-lit fish tank lines the wall and there's low desk with built in vid screen and radio. Plants hang from the ceiling and a blue frost rimes the windows. In the corner stands sits a battered pair of Pioneer CDJs and mixer. You look up at from the book and get to your feet. You start to sway to the music now coming from the corner, it’s tempo steadily increasing. The vid-screen clears then displays the words tanzen, tanzen, TANZEN.