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Ross Holloway


Ross Holloway is the singer in Bush Pilot and synth player in 3 Electro Knights

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1984 was the year the music changed. Before that Kraftwerk made music that imagined what music would sound like in the coming electronic age. In 1984 the electronic age arrived, the beginning of the end for post punk in the UK. In America the first stirrings of techno cross pollinating Japanese electronic pop, German electronic music, and British post punk with American disco and funk. Kraftwerk got writers block. Bands on Top of the Pops mimed playing live instruments to tracks made electronically without live instruments or players. George Orwell placed the coming dystopia in 1984. UKERNA (the United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association), the first integrated national UK Internet network goes live in year 1984. 1984 was perhaps a turning point, artistically new horizons were opening up, and music has never been so important in culture. It may have also been an epistemological break, the quiet birth of a new interconnected new world.