The Séance

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Pete Wiggs is also available as one third of Saint Etienne and James Papademetrie (aka Dem, confusingly pronounced ‘Dm’) has contributed a bunch of overwritten tracts to periodicals of varying longevity and repute. 


Born from a series of all-day musical pub sessions in the mid noughties and named after the 1964 Bryan Forbes film Séance on a Wet Afternoon, their show is a digressive wallow in the astral hinterlands of oddball pop, buried soundtrack treasure, new and old electronic grot, folk musics psych and trad, mutant disco, freeform misshapes, arcane dub effluvium, modern composition, covetable new releases and whatever else happens to be punching their ticket at the time. The Séance has also sporadically contributed its own music to several compilation albums as Dem flails at variform noisemaking objects and Pete continues to carve himself a parallel niche as a soundtrack composer. 


An almost complete archive of past broadcasts can be found at